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Insurance is something that people have to have but often hate having to pay for. In the best case scenario, you pay for your auto insurance monthly or annually and hope that you have no need for it. If you do not have to make a claim, the insurance company gets to keep your hard earned money for doing nothing.

The reason that insurance companies charge is because they are assuming a risk. If a person does get into an accident, the insurance company can easily pay out more than they have collected in insurance premiums. That is how they justify the prices they charge for auto insurance.

Drivers need to balance their desire to find cheap auto insurance with the need to have coverage that will protect them in the event that they do get into an accident. In order to meet both of these needs a person must understand how the insurance works, what types of insurance they can get, and where to get an auto insurance quote.

How rates are determined


The first step is to understand what insurance companies do to decide how much to charge a person for the auto insurance. Factors include:

  • The type of car
  • The age of the car
  • The driving record of the individual
  • The state that the car is registered in
  • The amount and type of insurance that is purchased

Other factors that can be included are: the age of the driver, the sex of the driver, the credit history of the driver, whether they are employed or not, and the address where the car is kept. All of these different factors mean that every insurance company can offer different rates to insure a driver and a car.

Types of insurance

The types of insurance that a person gets will also determine the price of the insurance policy. For most people looking for cheap auto insurance, liability is the most important kind to get. This is the insurance coverage that is required by the state to legally drive a car. If a person has borrowed money to buy a car or leases a car, they may have to add collision or comprehensive insurance. The policy can include uninsured motorist coverage, property damage coverage and other coverages which can also add to the price.

Getting cheap insurance

In order to get cheap car insurance a person needs to shop around. They need to talk to several insurance companies to see who offers the best rates. When asking for quotes, find out about any discounts that can be offered. Some insurance companies will offer discounts such as: safe driving, good students, low mileage, paying in full and many other things. Getting the most out of the discounts is one of the keys to getting cheap insurance for a car.

It is also worth telling the insurance companies that you are getting quotes from what other companies have offered. It is possible that they will find ways to beat the price of a competitor to get your business.

Searching for cheap insurance coverage is a never ending battle. A smart driver will compare prices every time their policy is up for renewal. It may not always be wise to go with the lowest price, but you never know how much you can save until you ask.


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