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There are many factors that influence the cost of your insurance such as what type of vehicle you drive, marital status, age, gender, where you live, safety of your car, previous claims, whether or not you have undergone an accident prevention training course, multiple policies with same provider, payment plan and your past driving records.


When you buy an auto insurance policy you should understand what you are buying. There are basically three types of coverage under automobile insurance, i.e. liability, collision and comprehensive.


  1. Liability Coverage:


i.        Coverage For Bodily Injury – you are covered for claims made against you and the legal costs if you are involved in an accident that injures or even kills someone.


ii.        Medical Costs Reimbursement – this will allow claims for medical bills for yourself and others who were in your car at the time of accident.


iii.        Property Damage Coverage – provides coverage for property that you might damage during an accident.


iv.        Uninsured Motorist Protection – this covers costs that you might incur for injuries to yourself and others traveling in your car in hit-and-run accidents or when an uninsured motorist caused the accident.


  1. Collision Coverage – this covers the cost of any damages caused to your car up to the book value. This factor carries a deductible, which represents the amount you need to pay when you put in your claim. This is paid before the insurance comes into effect.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage – in this type of coverage your car is insured against pretty much everything, i.e. accident and non-accident causes, flood, wind, fire, vandalism, theft and so on.


Cheap Quote For Automobile Insurance – How Do You Get The Best?


Everyone wants to find a cheap auto insurance policy, but not all get it because they do not look long enough and well enough:


Compare Quotes Online – To find the auto insurance that suits both your pocket and car the best, you should first of all get into the habit of comparing the quotes provided by various providers. It is easy nowadays to make such comparison with online tools.


  1. Research The Background Of The Company – before choosing a provider for its lowest rates, ensure you run a background search to ensure that you are using a company that is financially healthy.


  1. Look For Best Rating In Customer Service – the person who is selling you is friendly because he is a salesperson. At the time of claim, you need to ensure that you encounter no serious hurdles. Choose the provider who is rated highest for customer service.


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