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Auto Insurance Discounts

Car insurance is one of those things you just can’t live without in the United States. In order to drive a car in most places, a vehicle must have minimum levels of insurance. The types and amount of auto insurance required varies from one state to another, but the need for some type of insurance is necessary just about anywhere you live, work or play. When people pay for their car insurance, they hope that they never need it. If they have to make a claim against their insurance, that means they have had some type of accident or other damage to their car or someone else’s property.

That means that people are applying for something that they may never see anything back for. Since that is the case, it is important that people pay the least amount they can for car insurance. In order to accomplish that goal, a person should find out about the different discounts that are offered to them by insurance companies. There are some discounts that are offered by most car insurance providers, while others are specific to certain insurance companies.

Equipment discount – Many cards come with different types of safety equipment. Air bags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle tracking systems and many other safety systems can be installed by the factory or as after-market accessories to help a person get cheap car insurance rates.

  • Good Driver discount – The definition of a good drive will vary, but for most companies it means that someone that has not gotten into an accident or received any tickets for a period of time.
  • Good students – Younger drivers pay the highest rates. If a young driver has good grades, they can qualify for discounts and may find cheap auto insurance.
  • Low mileage discount – The amount of miles that a person puts on their car can affect the rates they pay. If a person drives their vehicle less, they can qualify for this discount and get between 10% to 15% off their insurance rates.
  • Bundling policy discounts – The more business you give an insurance company, the more discounts you could potentially get. Homeowners, renters insurance, life insurance and other any other type of insurance policy can often be combined to qualify for this discount.
  • Military discount – Anyone that has served or is serving in the military has earned the right to qualify for this discount.
  • Multiple car discounts – The more cars that you have to cover, the bigger the discounts can get.
  • Pay in full discount – This discount can save you 10% or more off the total cost of the policy. If you pay in full the 6 month or yearly policy at one time, you can qualify for this discount.
  • Club membership discount – Joining organizations such as AARP or other club memberships may qualify you for this discount. The amount of the discount will vary and the companies that honor the discount will also vary.

The best way to find out about discounts for insuring your car is to ask. This can be done when you get an insurance quote. It is never wrong to ask for a discount. The worst that can happen is to be told that you do not qualify. But if you do qualify, it can certainly save you money.


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